Valve Test bench – CSV 2000/500

Valve Test bench for control and shut-off valves

Basic features

Max. clamping force: 2000 to
Clamping range: DN300-DN500 12″-20″
Stainless steel control cabinet
Anodized, acid proof front panel
METRUS precision valve technology
Shell test with water up to 600 bar
Seat leakage test with air up to 9 bar
Actuator supply: air up to 6 bar
Clamping via automatic seal heads
Air lock free filling
Closed water circuit
Dual chamber SS tank
Stainless steel tubing PN600
Gauge quick connection
Bubble counter (DIN/EN, ASME and API)
Adapted high pressure pump
Overload protection
High pressure water up to 1600 bar

Flange/Test pressures

Flange Max. test pressures
DN 30012″160023200
DN 35014″145021000
DN 40016″126018200
DN 50020″83012000