Service & Maintenance

Getting the most out of your investment

Some of our test benches did run for 20 years and never had a single service. Even though that is what we are targeting, the reliability of test equipment is optimized if service is carried out from time to time. To maximize the lifetime of your product we do recommend carrying out frequent maintenance as described within your product documentation. On top of that the following information might be of value:

Pressure vessel inspection

Recommended high pressure hose renewal interval: 7 years

Pressure vessel visual inspection interval: 5 years*

Pressure vessel pressure test interval: 10 years*

* In Germany those intervals are obligatory by law. Please do check your local regulations to verify the required inspection and pressure testing intervals of your country.

METRUS service technician

Many METRUS clients have their test bench maintained frequently by a METRUS service technician. If you would like us to maintain your test bench, please do contact us to schedule a service. (see address)

Calibration intervals

Calibration should be carried out by your local or national calibration service. It is left to your quality management system to define, how often to calibrate gauges, transducers and electronics. However, here is what we would recommend:

Gauges class 0.6 and class 1.0:
1-2 years

Pressure transducers:
1-2 years

Get a quote from your calibration service first to evaluate, if a new gauge or transducer with certificate might be cheaper than the calibration service. If you are outside Europe, it will be our pleasure to handle calibration with the OEM on your behalf.

Force sensors:
2-3 years

As long as the zero point of the force sensor is within 3% off the range, the sensor can be considered as good. Check the zero point frequently to be sure about your force sensor.

CRS electronic and TESON Power Boxes calibration interval:
2-3 years

We do offer calibration of CRS electronic and TESON Power Boxes to our customers. Please do contact us to schedule a date for your unit whenever needed. If you do have in house calibration sources and skills, please do consult the TESON hardware manual to learn how to calibrate the TESON Power Box yourselves.