Valve Test bench excellence since 1970

We are here since decades

METRUS is the successor of a company called LS-Mechanik, founded by Mr. Lothar Seer, a former quality manager of the German valve producer Sempell AG. New by then the business idea has not changed by now: “design, development and production of top quality valve test benches for the industry“. Even though our business model is still the same we are proud to call it a “tradition“ after all these years.

Since then there was plenty of time to master all the challenges set up especially by valve manufactures. Already in 1986, long before computers would appear in industrial production lines, we supplied the first fully automatic shell and leak test bench to complete the production process of a valve manufacturer. Our test bench gallery spans from small mobile service test benches to huge (42t) test stations, controlling pressure from vacuum to 600 bar air or 1600 bar water. There is little left what we have not dealt with so far.

Know-how and expertise of more than 40 years create our inspiration to develop innovative solutions for your individual test bench requirement.