Overload protection

Never overload the clamping unit again

Common test benches will always have a so called “maximum test pressure table”. Depending on the test benches nominal load it calculates the maximum test pressure for each size of valve possible to be tested within the clamping unit. Exceeding the maximum test pressure for the clamped valve size will instantly cause an overload of the clamping unit. The higher the overload the more likely the test bench will be mechanically damaged. It is the test bench operator’s duty to consider the maximum test pressure for the valve to be tested to avoid an overload.

The hydraulic overload protection for CSV test benches ensures the test pressure to be released or cut off as soon as the nominal load of the clamping unit is reached. It takes the responsibility off the operator an makes mechanical overloading impossible.

Overload protection

Available for:

Control and Shut-Off Valve test benches:
– CSV 80/300
– CSV 220/300
– CSV 400/600
– CSV 650/800
– CSV 1450/500
– CSV 2000/500

Safety Valve test benches:
– SV 50/200 & 400
– SV 50/400 E

Butterfly Valve test benches:
– BV 36/500
– BV 150/800

On request for other models and custom solutions