Bidirectional testing

Saving you from re clamping the valve

Many valves require a seat leakage test to be carried out in both possible flow directions. By simply re clamping the valve in opposite orientation, this task can be sorted with any standard CSV or BV test bench. However, having to do such tests frequently or dealing with larger size valves, the re clamping quickly becomes an annoying, time consuming work.

The bi directional testing option consists of an additional high pressure line connected to the clamping unit’s outlet plus an additional set of precision needle control valves included in the control panel. Air as well as high pressure water may now be fed into the valve separately from either side. Adjusting pressure from either side at the same time creates what is called a differential pressure test.

Available for:

Control and Shut-Off Valve test benches:
– CSV 50/200
– CSV 80/300
– CSV 220/300
– CSV 400/600
– CSV 650/800
– CSV 1450/500
– CSV 2000/500

Safety Valve test benches:
– SV 50/400 E

Butterfly Valve test benches:
– BV 36/500
– BV 150/800

On request for other models and custom solutions