Safety Pressure Limitation

Avoiding overpressure

No valve should ever be exposed to unsuitable overpressure. In common every day testing work, such situations usually do not appear. However, false operation, mistakes and distraction – the human factor – can never be fully excluded.

With METRUS safety pressure limitation the operator preselects the maximum pressure within the system using a quickly and easily to handle contact making gauge. Should the selected pressure be reached METRUS valve technology ensures the pressure to either stop rising or to be drained off instantly – before dangerous occurs.

For METRUS safety valve test benches (SV Series) a special option is available to use one safety pressure limitation assembly for both fluids – air and water.

Safety Pressure Limitation

Available for:

Control and Shut-Off Valve test benches:
– CSV 50/200
– CSV 80/300
– CSV 220/300
– CSV 400/600
– CSV 650/800
– CSV 1450/500
– CSV 2000/500

Safety Valve test benches:
– SV 20/200
– SV 20/400
– SV 50/200 & 400
– SV 50/400 E

Butterfly Valve test benches:
– BV 36/500
– BV 150/800

On request for other models and custom solutions