Swivel Arm Panel PC

Ergonomic PC work at the test bench

Today’s test benches are often equipped with a computer system, hosting a CRS – Computer Registration System for the test bench itself of Database applications used by the owner. For the demanding environment of industrial valve testing METRUS designed the “Panel PC on swivel arm”.

An industrial touch screen Panel PC is fitted into a stainless steel enclosure complete by a keyboard tray. Due to suitably positioned cooling openings and because of not having a cooling fan, the computer barely gets dirty achieving maximum life time. Using the touch screen as an alternative to the keyboards touchpad graphic software operations are comfortably and intuitive.

Mounted on the swiveling arm, the computer is always perfectly positioned to either see it from the control panel or while working at the clamping unit. If not needed the entire unit is swung out of the working area not be in the way.

Panel PC on swivel arm

Available for:

Control and Shut-Off Valve test benches:
– CSV 50/200
– CSV 80/300
– CSV 220/300
– CSV 400/600
– CSV 650/800
– CSV 1450/500
– CSV 2000/500

Safety Valve test benches:
SV 20/200
SV 20/400
SV 50/200 & 400 
SV 50/400 E

Butterfly Valve test benches:
BV 36/500
– BV 150/800

On request for other models and custom solutions