External testing adaptor

Expanding the operational range

When dimensioning your next test bench it is not beneficial to consider those oversized valve test bench you rarely have to deal with. A large test bench to cope with these will most likely not fit into your budget and it will be useless for the everyday testing of smaller sizes. Identify the 80% of valve sizes you will have to deal with permanently.

To test oversized valves that do not appear more often than once a week, METRUS offers the so called “external testing adaptor”. It is clamped inside the clamping unit, offering two high pressure hoses for connecting the blind flanged valve standing next to the valve test bench. It enables the use of all test bench features like filling, evacuation, testing, etc. even for a valve that would not fit inside the clamping unit.

Externer Prüfadapter

Available for:

Control and Shut-Off Valve test benches:
– CSV 50/200
– CSV 80/300
– CSV 220/300
– CSV 400/600
– CSV 650/800
– CSV 1450/500
– CSV 2000/500

Butterfly Valve test benches:
– BV 36/500
– BV 150/800

On request for other models and custom solutions