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Free of charge CRS software for METRUS test benches

You are looking for a test bench with a CRS – Computer Registration System or you consider upgrading your METRUS test bench with a CRS? However, at the end of the day all you actually intent to do is record a pressure graph and print a report from time to time. If that is your situation FreeCRS is the perfect solution, containing all the features you really need.

Simple installation

FreeCRS is available as a 32bit or 64 bit version for Windows operating systems. After running the installation routine the software is ready to test straight away.

Automatic configuration

FreeCRS is designed to work with Wika USB pressure transducers. Plug-and-test.

The plugged in sensor is recognized and its range and unit are retrieved by the FreeCRS software, configuring itself without further user interaction. If a different measuring range is required, simply unplug the sensor in use and plug in the one you need. FreeCRS will update its configuration automatically for you to carry on testing instantly.

Testing set pressure or pressure drop

At the end of a recording FreeCRS automatically places the result cursor on the maximum value of the pressure diagram. When testing safety valves, this value is often used as the set pressure. If required the result cursor may be placed elsewhere with a simple double click, using zoom functions to analyze relevant diagram sections if necessary.

Furthermore an option is available to calculate the pressure drop between the result cursor and the end value of the recording (in bar/s, bar/min or bar/h). Using this feature makes FreeCRS the perfect solution to carry out leakage or tightness tests.

Printing or saving reports to PDF

Once recorded the test report is ready for printing on the standard printer. Alternatively (or in addition) FreeCRS generates a PDF file of the test report with a simple button click.

For those favoring the digital PDF report FreeCRS offers an additional feature to increase working efficiency. Simply enter a default report name and FreeCRS will generate a PDF file without any further user interaction. The file name of the report is generated automatically from the default name and a counter value.

Conversion into any possible unit

Your customers require tests to be carried out in PSI or kg/cm²? No problem. The default pressure unit [bar] of FreeCRS can be converted into any possible alternative unit. All you need to do is enter a conversion factor and a unit name. The entire software including scale and result will instantly change into the conversion mode, using the unit you need.

10 frei konfigurierbare Datenfelder

Ein ordentlicher Prüfbericht benötigt immer eine Auswahl an Informationen. Das können Daten zum Prüfling oder aber auch zum Kunden oder zum Auftrag sein. Hier bietet die FreeCRS 10 Felder für einzeilige Einträge und ein Feld für längeren Text (z.B. Bemerkung). Diese Felder benennen Sie gemäß Ihren spezifischen Anforderungen selbst.

10 configurable data fields

A proper test report always requires a number of information to be presented with the result. Those could be data of the test sample as well as customer names or job numbers. To enter bring those data to the test report FreeCRS offers 10 single line data fields as one multi line field (e.g. for notes). Those can be named and used as per your specific needs.

Customizing the report

FreeCRS includes a report template ready to use. Your company address as well as your company logo is added to it without any in depth software knowledge. For those requiring more sophisticated modifications and report designs, FreeCRS offers a built in report designer.

Free CRS is automatic update

Like any other METRUS software, FeeCRS includes an automatic update function, ensuring you to always get the latest version. It is left to you to start the automatic update manually or have the software check along every software start.

Free CRS is multi lingual

We offer FreeCRS in German and English editions. Beyond those two languages you may translate the entire software into any Windows supported language. Simply translate a list of appr. 50 words and FreeCRS will start in your required language.

Free CRS is truly free of charge

No strings attached – FreeCRS is truly free of charge. All you need in addition is a Wika CPT2500 pressure transducer of your preferred measuring range. Having an accuracy class of 0.2% (of range) a single sensor already covers a very interesting working range. You are free to order these sensors via METRUS or from Wika directly.

What if you need more?

FreeCRS is tailored to suit the demands of a simple pressure test. It benefits form simple installation, no configuration requirements, ease of use and simple customization. To fulfill those demands we decided to not build in a database system and to work with a single pressure channel. For applications that go beyond those specifications we offer a flexible, multi-channel, database integrated solution called METRUS CRS.

Johannes Junior
Managing Director

Curious about FreeCRS? Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or get in touch with your METRUS representative. If you are a METRUS customer already it will be our pleasure to send you a download link to the installation files.

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