Safety Doors SV

Especially for gas testing

Within a set point test, the safety valve will always open at least once. Depending on its type and condition, a stream (hiss) or a pressure bubble (sharp popp) will discharge from the valve when tested with compressed air or gas. Despite the discharge itself being completely harmless, METRUS recommends to always wear ear protection when testing with compressed air or gas.

When testing dirty or corroded valves along maintenance work the discharge of a high pressure bubble (sharp popp) at high pressures accelerates rust or other particles to become projectiles flying off the valves outlet. To save test bench operators as well as fellow coworkers METRUS offers protection doors to encapsulate the valve during the test.

When testing with compressed air or gas above 200 bar set point, we strongly recommend equipping the clamping unit with safety doors.

Safety Doors - image 1

Available for:

– SV 20/200
– SV 20/400
– SV 50/400 & 400
– SV 50/400 E