300 bar air compressor

BAUER Mini Verticus III

When to choose a compressor?

In the business branch of compressor system, the Munich based manufacturers BAUER Kompressoren is one of the world leading suppliers, offering top class performance and reliability. A worldwide network of service hubs ensures support and maintenance even at remote locations. When it comes to compressor systems BAUER is METRUS’ first and only choice since many years.

For you to get the most value for your budget it remains your choice whether to source the compressor directly from BAUER – based on our recommendations – or to source it via METRUS as part of a test bench bundle. In case you opt to source the compressor via METRUS, we will not add extraordinary mark ups but consider just the costs we have to set up the entire combined unit and to carry out the final testing.

The choice is yours !

Available for:

Safety Valve test benches:
– SVM 4/100
– SVM 4/250
– SVM 20/200
– SVM 20/400
– SV 20/200 PA
– SV 20/200
– SV 20/200 & 400
– SV 50/400 E


High pressure air/gas source

On request for other models and custom solutions