Vacuum testing

Testing breather valves with your safety valve test bench

Protecting large storage tanks, breather valves are designed to act on slight over pressure as well as on slight vacuum. Option “Vacuum” will expand your SVM or SV test bench model to test both, over pressure and vacuum. The option consist of a separate control unit cabinet containing a vacuum and pressure pump, valves and gauges for the control. The set is completed with one or two sealing plates to replace the test benches original o-ring plates. The test benches claws are used for fixing the valve on the sealing plated, preventing it from falling over. Having the option “vacuum” installed, breather valves will be tested for their overpressure and vacuum set point in two consecutive steps without re clamping the valve.

Vakuum Prüfung

Available for:

Safety Valve test benches:
– SVM 20/200
– SVM 20/400
– SV 20/200 PA
– SV 20/200
– SV 20/400
– SV 50/200 & 400
– SV 50/400 E

On request for other models and custom solutions